Embrace Your Voice: Overcoming the Fear of Starting to Sing

Hello amazing people! ✨

Have you ever wanted to start a new hobby or project, but never dared for fear of not being good enough? 

Believe me, I’ve been there too! This is actually my work as a vocal coach that made me realize how incoherent this actually was.


I’m amazed by the number of time I’ve heard things like “it would be my dream to {insert here the discipline of your choice}, but I’m too afraid to start” or “I would suck at it”. 


This is particularly the case when it comes to sing. Singing is something we produce with our body, our soul, so if it’s bad at first, it inevitably means that it will always be bad, right?

I have a dozens of examples from students who reached me at first saying that they probably wouldn’t get anywhere because they don’t sing in tune or have a very bad technique. After a few lessons, I just thank them for having the courage to start because they make more progresses and sing better than they could have imagine!


The thing is: singing is like any other instruments, you have to learn and practice in order to evolve. We couldn’t think of grabbing a guitar and play perfectly at the first try, right? So why singing should be different?


Fear is something that stops us before we even try, completely ruining the potential of many of us. That’s why I wanted to write about this important subject and dive into 4 points that will hopefully motivate and help you to overcome your fear and start doing what you love TODAY. Let’s go!

1. The Fear Factor

I’ve had the privilege of meeting countless students who share a common concern: the fear that they’re not good enough singers to start their vocal journey. It’s a worry that often holds them back from embracing the joy of singing. What I want to share with each of them, and with you, is this: the beauty of singing lies not being flawless from the start, but in the willingness to explore, learn and grow.


Every great singer began as a beginner, and the only way to discover your true potential is to take that first step and start.


So, if you’ve ever felt like you “suck” at singing, remember that with dedication and a little bit of guidance, your voice can evolve into something truly remarkable!

2. Embracing Imperfection

Probably my favorite point. ✨


Singing is a deeply personal and expressive art form. Your unique voice is your greatest asset. It’s not about sounding like someone else or meeting a standard of perfection, it’s about embracing and celebrating your own voice and style.


In the realm of singing, the pursuit of perfection can often overshadow the essence of true artistry. Our voices, much like our fingerprints, bear the marks of imperfection that weave the tapestry of individuality. It’s in these imperfections that the true essence of our voice unfolds. It’s those imperfections that render our voices distinct, evocative and deeply personal.


Of course, embracing imperfections in singing isn’t about neglecting improvement or settling for mediocrity. Rather, it’s a celebration of our unique vocal fingerprint. It’s about prioritizing emotional delivery over technical precision, recognizing that imperfections infuse character and depth into our performance.

3. Journey of Growth

Singing, like any skill, is a journey of growth and improvement. Nobody starts off as a perfect singer, and everyone faces challenges along the way. The important thing is to start, practice, and learn from your experiences. Your progress is a testament to your dedication, not your initial talent.


Challenges are the stepping stones along this melodic path. They aren’t roadblocks but opportunities to refine one’s craft. A cracked note or a falter in pitch is not a sign of failure; it’s a compass guiding toward improvement. The secret lies not in the absence of challenges but in the courage to confront and conquer themYour voice, much like a sculpture waiting to be chiseled, evolves with each practice session, each lesson learned, and each performance. 


Your progress in singing isn’t merely a reflection of innate talent; it’s a testament to your perseverance, dedication, and willingness to embrace the learning process. The most celebrated singers didn’t start as prodigies but as individuals passionate enough to start, persistent enough to practice, and resilient enough to learn from their experiences.


Every sour note, every lyrical stumble, and every moment of doubt serves as a stepping stone toward mastery. So remember, it’s not where you begin that defines your musical journey; it’s the strides you take, the lessons you learn, and the dedication you pour into your art that define the brilliance of your vocal evolution.

4. Building Confidence

Confidence plays a pivotal role in singing and is a vital aspect of nurturing your vocal abilities. 


Confidence in singing is the bridge that connects technical skill with emotional expression. It’s not just about hitting the right notes; it’s about owning those notes with conviction.


One of the best ways to bolster confidence is by surrounding yourself with a supportive community: joining a band, a choir, or online forums, created a nurturing environment where encouragement and constructive feedback foster growth. Sharing experiences, learning from fellow singers, and feeling supported in your musical journey can significantly boost your confidence.


Guidance through lessons is another cornerstone in the edifice of confidence-building. Seeking guidance from experienced vocal coaches or instructors offers not just technical expertise but also personalized feedback and encouragement. A mentor can identify your strengths, guide you through challenges, and provide tailored exercices to bolster your vocal prowess.


Additionally, incorporating positive affirmations into your practice routine can work wonders. Affirmations such as “My voice is unique and powerful” or “I am constantly improving” can reshape your mindset and reinforce a positive self-image, paving the way for enhanced confidence in your singing abilities.


Moreover, stepping out of your comfort zone and performing in front of audiences, whether small or large, gradually fortifies your confidence. Each performance, regardless of scale, serves as a building block in strengthening your belief in your vocal capabilities.


It’s the amalgamation fo these supportive communities, expert guidance and the poser of positive self-talk that forms the bedrock upon which your confidence as a singer flourishes, empowering you to embrace the stage with poise and conviction.


That’s it everyone! I hope these few words will help you to embrace a new beautiful journey. Always remember that when it comes to learn how to sing, perfection and hitting every note perfectly are not prerequisites. What truly matters is your trust in yourself and the confidence you bring to your vocal journey. Every voice is unique, and the beauty of singing lies in expressing yourself authentically. So, never be discouraged by the pursuit of perfection; instead, embrace the joy of learning, growing, and discovering the power of your own voice.



Believe in yourself, and you’ll find the magic of singing comes from within! ✨

Stephany Hugnin

Stephany Hugnin

Vocal coach and professional singer.
Owner and founder of the Shout Aloud Studio.

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