The Shout Aloud Studio is a vocal and artistic coaching studio that helps vocalists and artists of all levels to achieve their goals.


We are also specialized in extreme vocal techniques in rock, metal music and all their sub-genres.


We offer in-person lessons and workshops in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as online courses so you can learn with us from home, wherever you live! 


Whether you are interested by regular basis lessons or punctual ones, we are sure you will find the right formula for your needs!

Our services

We welcome students of all levels!

Vocal technique

Breathing, support, posture, articulation… learn and explore the essential tools for singing healthily, with greater ease and greater endurance!

Extreme vocals

Distortion, growl, grunt, pitched scream, fry, fry scream, false vocal cords, … thanks to Stephany’s experience, the Shout Aloud Studio is also specialized in extreme singing techniques in rock and metal music. Learn or perfect these techniques in a healthy and sustainable way.

Artistic development

Stage persona, stage management, stress management, developing your creativity, daring to let go… because vocal technique isn’t everything, we also offer you tailor-made coaching to help you develop your artistic potential.

Tour and recording preparation

Touring and recording sessions are intense and exciting times! Prepare the best you can with us so that you can enjoy every moment and feel confident about getting through these important times.

Lyrics and voice placement

Do you have one or more compositions and don’t know where to start, what to write or how to place your voice? We’ll work with you to give you the ideas you need to get started, to gain in creativity and independence for the rest of your projects!

We shout ALOUD!

There's no limit to creativity!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, we're happy to welcome you and work with you on all your projects!

Did you know that several of our students started from nothing and are now bandleaders? That's one of the success stories we regularly celebrate here!

We've also helped some extraordinary singers to unlock particular techniques so that they can add them to their compositions and be even more creative.

Hey there, I'm Stephany

I'm a professional vocal coach and vocalist, founder and owner of the Shout Aloud Studio!

A little history...

My passion for singing began at the age of 15, when I picked up the microphone in my very first band to ‘help out’.



As an absolute metal fan, I was listening to one of my favourite bands when it occurred to me that if singers could sing like that (extreme vocals), there was no reason why I couldn’t do it too!



It was with this simple thought that it all began: I have never put down the microphone since and have made my passion my profession.

Vocal coaching

Vocal coaching was an obvious step in my musical and professional career. Having taken lessons myself at an early age in order to sing healthily, I immediately fell in love with this profession.


Being able to help other singers thanks to my background and knowledge has been a real life goal.


That’s why I trained as a vocal coach and now have a diploma from the Vocal Technique Institute.  


As well as being a vocal coach, I’m also a professional singer, active in my band Kassogtha (progressive death metal). 

It’s a project with which I’m lucky enough to be able to perform a number of shows, tours and studio recordings every year.


This solid experience allows me to strengthen my practice as a vocal coach and to be as close as possible to my students.

Your coach

Stephany Hugnin portrait
Stephany Hugnin Kassogtha show


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